EC Plating. Inc. provides custom designed tooling to ensure that rack marks and material damage is minimized, 
resulting in consistently High quality plating everytime!

Services and Processes

  • Anodize  (clear, black, red , blue, green, gold, purple)
  • Alodine   (clear and gold)
  • Electroless Nickel (Mid and High Phosphorus)
  • Nickel Sulfamate
  • Bright Nickel
  • Electropolish (Aluminum, Stainless Steel [300 & 400 series], Copper, Brass Alloys)
  • Gold (99.0%, 99.7% & 99.9%)
  • Zinc (gold, black and clear)
  • Tin plate
  • Aluminum / Etch cleaning
  • Ultrasonic cleaning
  • Passivation (All Stainless Steels, Titantium, Plastics, and Ceramics)
  • Class 100 Cleanroom Packaging
  • Masking and Plugging
  • Baking (Recently calibrated to 850°)
  • Beadblast (glass bead, aluminum oxide and garnet)

Much of the plating we process is used in highly technical and sophisticated electronics or computer equipment 
that demands maintaining narrow tolerances. Our experience and expertise can help you meet most governmental, 
military, engineering and customer standards and specifications